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My first CF rifle was a .30-06 Savage that I handloaded for. A bunch of us had the same chambering and we used them to hunt woodchucks and deer. I never got a deer with mine, as they were scarce around here in the 1950s. I sold it, bought a .22-250 Rem 700 and shot a deer with it that fall! DUH!

Anyway, the '06 will go through a 3" hardwood and kill a deer standing behind it. I doubt if many other cartridges like the .243 would do that, maybe not even the .270.

I now use a .270 Win and shoot 130 grain pointed soft or plastic-tipped bullets. The reason was that we hunt a very straight, abandoned county road where we can kill deer out to 400 yards or so, but often don't have more than 5 seconds to aim and fire before they cross to the other side. I've killed deer at 300-400 yards with the .270 and, aiming for the shoulder, recover them in the road 99% of the time.

Because we don't have much time to estimate range and hold-over, the flatter shooting the cartridge, the better. Between the .270 and .06, there's a significant difference in trajectory out at 350 yards, so that's why I use it. It may not be quite as good in the woods, but I rarely have any trouble using the .270 there.
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