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I believe that the real question is about range. Are you shooting within 200 yards, and are you going to find a rifle and load that you can dependably hit the kill zone at that range?

if you are shooting at 200 yards and below, the 45-70 is perfect for the task, as are maybe fifty other cartridges. There are many perfect rifle and cartridge combinations for deer, but accuracy and range are what set them apart from each other.

Decide whether you want to use one of the heaviest rounds available in a lever, or whether you want to move down a step to maybe .444 marlin. The two are quite similar in performance. The other choices are to use a much lower performing round such as .357 or .44 magnum, which both are still adequate and legal, or to find a .357 max or some other such as the casull.

You are limited to straight walled cases, but that isn't a handicap in many cases. If you are in woods, and short visibility, you are doing just fine. If you are in a stand on open fields, it may not be adequate out beyond 300 (because of ballistics) but you can overcome the disadvantages.

I guess that the reason behind the straight wall limitation is the proliferation of long range bottle necked magnums that can easily travel a couple miles as stray shots. There are plenty of people who still carry the .300 magnums in the field around here, where visibility ranges are sometimes limited to 100 yards or less. A miss when shooting into open space at the end of a hill can send a bullet a long, long way
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