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The 45-70 Govt is one of the most common choices when hunters purchase a Reproduction Sharps rifle or when they choose a true pack rifle that they will depend on in a close quarters defense situation or just basic camp meat hunting. Is it a good choice for taking on a hunt that you've been planning for years or even for you annual hunting seasons. I'd say no unless the circumstances dictate that you should have it.

Why do I own a Marlin 1894CSBL.. Because it's cool and I've always wanted a 45-70. I don't need it for hunting but if I ever get a chance to hunt in big bear country I'll have it along with me if my guide doesn't mind. I wouldn't take it for hunting the game I was going after, I have much better choices in my safe that will do that job much better.

Not all the rifles in your collection need to be specifically designated to a purpose. Some of them are and maybe even should be bought just because you like or want them.
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