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There would have also been the problem of one being hung upside down from the roof of the outhouse, crammed through the seat, and suspended in the tank while holding one's breath for as long as it took to locate the thing just by feel.

One of the people who learned about this offered the advice that a heavy magnet could have been dropped into the potty cellar and rummaged around for a little, thus capturing and recovering it.

That's just plain silly. Everyone knows that glocks are plastic guns, that they can't show up on x ray devices, that they are non magnetic, and will melt if you spill nail polish remover on them.

What was that? That's all nonsense? Ooops. My bad
That is why RETENTION is so important when it comes to ANYTHING, not just firearms. Years ago, I would have cheap Velcro and stitching cases on my belt where I would keep utility cutters, penlights and other accoutrements related to my work. I lost a beater phone this way. I had just finished manhandling an overloaded hand truck filled with sacks of rice, tossed the dolly back onto my truck, got inside and drove almost 3 miles before I realized that a pouch on my belt containing the phone was gone.

Yep, pouch and phone and all. It must have been bumped and jostled by me shoving and manipulating the hand truck down the sidewalk into the restaurant basement. The cheap loop on the back just could not take it anymore and the whole thing was swept away. It was just a beater phone with only text/talk function and it was no big hassle to get it replaced. Only inconvenience was that I could not get in contact with my dispatcher for the next 3 hours and the truck had no GPS tracker, so back at the depot they were wondering what the hell happened to me.

I learned my lesson though and started investing in utility/tactical pants and jackets with LOTS of pockets. No more cheapo pouches and holsters. If I had lost my handgun in this fashion I would have been VERY pissed. I use a shoulder holster for concealed carrying. Got one for my 1911 and Remington 1858. They are not retention holsters but have secure thumb-release locking loops. As someone who does a lot of physical work, having items loosely dangling from my belt does not sound reassuring in any way or fashion.

As for lint getting on guns, I deal with that on a constant basis. My EDC knives also tend to attract lint and random dust, even inside non-shedding utility clothing. My solution? A basic field strip and wipe down with a rag soaked in Birchwood Casey SHEATH every couple of days. It doesn't take more than a few minutes, and a swab of the bore with a long handled Q-tip keeps everything running smoothly.
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