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I actually did a video dunking my P-10C in a bucket full of dryer lint, dog and cat hair. Worked just fine.
I would expect it to under those conditions. For it to have any effect, it's going to have to work its way into the "guts" of the gun or magazine and build up. I don't see lint being a problem in the same way sand is where even brief exposure to sand can cause issues. Exposure to lint needs to be longer so it can build up in the areas where it can potentially cause problems.
I didn't feel like leaving my sidearm buried in a sock drawer for ten years, so I upped the amount of lint by a factor of ten or twenty vert what I've ever found in my sock drawer. I also pointed out several times in the two videos I actually did, (the second one was much better), that it was a completely non scientific tongue in cheek "torture test". However, I'm sure the people that watch it will tell me how bad of a job I did and how many people I put in mortal danger with my irresponsible behaviors. However, I had fun. Burned cat hair, on the other hand, stinks.
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