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buckshott, I don't know if you're open to any other caliber suggestions or not, but I'd reconsider your choice for OH deer hunting. I currently own, and have owned several 45-70 rifles and I really like shooting those guns. However, I also own a couple of .357Max rifles and find that there are some serious advantages to that caliber over the 45-70 for deer hunting. It's has nothing to do with lethality, they both kill. It's just that the 45-70 can kill at both ends. The .357Max (not Mag) is flatter shooting, has significantly less recoil, and is more economical to shoot. It's absolutely devastating on deer sized animals, and gives up nothing to the 45-70 on deer sized game. You can drive a 158g bullet at 2300fps and it's pretty flat shooting right out to two hundred yards. Sight it in at 125 and hold right on mid point out to two hundred. Bullet expansion is exceptional. I've killed a bunch of deer with the 45-70 and a bunch more with the 357max. I rarely use the 45-70 any more for deer hunting. It's a fallacy that pistol bullets "blow up" when shot out of a rifle. I've been using Hornady 158g XTP bullets for years and none have "blown up" or fragmented yet. Just something to think about. My last bullet recovered this year expanded to .62" and still weighed 125g. It was perfectly mushroomed. It was driven at just over 2300fps out of a TC Encore with an MGM barrel on it.
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