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if heavy lead fouling isn't enough to disable a handgun, a bit of lint can't. i doubt that even a cleaning patch left in the bore would cause serious issues if it's the typical lightweight fabric.

heavy lint in the works is unacceptable. heavy oil can trap it and keep it, then dust and grit will get involved and eventually you may wind up with gunk, not just a bit of lint. something can block the firing pin or drag the mechanism enough that the primer won't go off. there are a few places where dirt can cause problems for a very finicky system.

but look around that pistol and the mechanics, do you see any parts that are so tightly machined that a bit of dust or even sand could keep it from functioning? not really possible on the big, heavy paperweights. drop the slide on your pistol and consider whether a bit of crud could stop it, look at your magazine, how badly would you have to foul it to make it fail? You can run a glock over the gauntlet and still be able to fire it sometimes. I would suggest that many, maybe most quality guns could go for a year in between deep cleaning. Blow out the mechanism and lightly oil it, look through the bore and make sure that you see rifling. clean any gunk that you see anywhere, lightly oil.

Our firearms are better than ever in the entire history of mankind. so is the ammunition. By getting quality machinery and ammo you can almost guarantee that you won't have failures unless you treat them like the tire iron you keep in your trunk.
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