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I see the only mention of a melting tip I've ever found in this video by Hornady.

I don't deny that there could be something to it... but I also recognize marketing when I see it.

I have sent an email to Barnes to inquire... but then I submit a few of points to ponder in the meantime....

One, Barnes publishes load data for their 45gr TTSX in .22-250 at over 4,000fps... which leads me to believe that they don't anticipate an issue.

Two, Hornady strongly implies that they only knew there was an issue because they use doppler radar.... which makes me wonder if this is an issue that will rise above the noise for a normal shooter.

Three, on the other hand... the only truly disappointing load I've ever developed was in a .22-250 that otherwise routinely shoots well under 3/4 MOA at 100... that was with 35gr Noslers being pushed over 4,500fps and they exhibited a strange tendency to shoot reasonably well at 100 but then rather poorly at 200... melting tip? Hm.
Hornaday was also publishing data that cooked their tips. If what Hornaday says is accurate, so is Nosler. Is cooking the tip off a problem? It just makes it basically a hollow point and thus essentially a TSX. I have always seen the tip as a gimmick anyway. When the first tipped ammo came out, a rep told me it was "ballistic" because it kept the meplat from being deformed in the magazine.
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