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I'm not quite sure why someone would use the TSX rather than the TTSX though.

The difference in weights is minimal and the TTSX is usually available lighter, which I consider a good thing, even though 5-10 gr is mostly irrelevant.

Plus, the difference in BC is often in favor of the tipped version or if not the differences are so small as to be irrelevant, like a few hundredths.

The inferiority in trajectory and wind versus traditional bullets at long range is mostly false... speed does wonders for such things. Look at a typical .30-06 load, say 180gr round nose at 2,750fps, versus a Barnes TTSX 110gr at 3,550... in a 10mph crosswind at 300 yards, the TTSX has 8.5" drift... the 180 has 12.5". Both zeroed with 10" target @ MPBR, the 180 is 4" *low* while the TTSX is still 2" *high* at 300.

Even if you make that .30-06 bullet a Hornady SST, the TTSX still wins in drop by over 3" and has only about 1.5" more drift.... and it's still carrying 2,500+ fps (only 200fps below the SSTs *muzzle velocity*), while the SST has dropped to 2,100.

The TTSX has better trajectory out to beyond 500 yards (and is still over 1,800fps)... a distance well beyond the concerns of the vast majority of hunters.

And that's the lightest, worst BC option available.
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