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I like the TSX/TTSX within certain parameters. Impact velocity needs to be above about 2100 fps or so or they don't open up and can pencil through. More so with the smaller diameters than the larger ones. I have shot game with .22 up to .33 caliber with them (Coyotes, Pigs, Deer, Pronghorn and Elk). Last Elk I shot was at 405 yards, with an impact velocity of 2000 fps. It went about 100 yards and laid down, but not dead. While the shot would have been fatal eventually, I was not happy with the performance. Went right through the lungs about 2 inches above the heart and went through the off shoulder with about a .35 caliber hole. Previous year, 250 yards, really good performance. I won't ever use them for Elk again, but I will use them for Deer and Pronghorn. The faster they are going the better. I have them in .22 (62 grain) and .24 calibers (80 grain) and load them at about the fastest I can get, but starting velocity over 3000 for sure. I'll probably try them in the Valkyrie next year.
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