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annealing "may" help with case life but I have my doubts about it doing anything for grouping. For me the biggest factor in group size is finding the right seating depth and making sure the cases are consistent in length and properly sized with low runout and with good neck tension. That works for me with my vertical dispersion but there ain't a piece of equipment in the world that can help with my mirage and wind reading skills

That being said I do anneal after every firing but only because that was because I spent several hundred dollars on a annealing machine. In retrospect I would have never bought it but because it is sitting on my bench and long ago paid for so why not use it. It does make my cases look like they just came out of that blue box. Same reason that I wet tumble. It makes em purty and purty has been scientifically proven to get another half MOA off you groups hasn't it ?
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