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Why not just strap on a dive knife and carry a Glock that has been modified to shoot underwater? LOL You mention worries about entanglement and pools in the same sentence. Then you go you carrying OC in your swim trunks. Sorry if people aren’t going to take you seriously.

If you are really concerned about entanglement in a lake, Spyderco has some knives made of highly corrosion resistant steels including H1 and LC200N. My brother in law builds docks in salt water and he uses his all the time. Not a spot of rust on it.

As for self defense at the beach, lake, or pool, you could always go with a designated carry person just like a designated driver. I understand that stuff can happen anywhere and anytime. If you want to switch off, the best way to carry would be in some kind of discreet pouch so you don’t freak out the sheeple.
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