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You can't rechamber a .300 Win Mag to .30-'06. You can drill a small hole bigger but can't drill a big hole smaller. And you can't rechamber a .270 to .30-'06; you will have to have the barrel drilled out and the rifling recut. You can re-barrel the .270 to .30-'06.

But .30-'06 Model 70's are so common that it would probably be less costly and a lot easier to just buy the gun you want and not sink money into converting anything.

A note on re-boring a barrel: The way folks talk on the internet about re-boring a barrel, it sounds like it involves a quick trip to a local gun store, or a DIY job with a Dremel tool and a rusty can opener. Not true.

Re-boring and re-rifling a barrel is a very specialized job, requiring costly equipment. It is done only by a few shops that specialize in the work, and they are usually heavily backlogged. The general gunsmith is not set up to do it; if you take the gun to your local gunsmith, he will only send it to one of those shops and meet the same delay. Nor is it always possible. The new caliber has to be big enough that drilling the barrel will remove all the old rifling Converting a .30 caliber to .375 is possible; converting .30 to .303 is a lot harder. And the outside diameter of the barrel has to be enough also. You can't bore a barrel to .50 if the outside diameter is only .48".

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