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308 Win Loads

I have some 308 Win bullets and cases that my FIL picked up at a garage sale. The cases are new, never-fired, Win and Lapua headstamps, and the bullets are 150, 155, and 168 grain HPBTs of unknown manufacture. All were packaged in Ziploc bags with no additional information. After sorting the cases by headstamp, I resized them all with a full-length sizing die and trimmed them to 2.005”. I then weighed and sorted the bullets. That’s when I noticed the 155 grain bullets were all three different sizes; 1.130”, 1.200”, and 1.280” in length.

I’ve already worked up an accurate load using the Lapua cases, the 168 grain HPBT, and H4895 for 2600 FPS. I want to use the Win cases for the 155 bullets, and I want to get about 2800 FPS out of a Rem 700 with a 24” barrel. The Hornady book shows 37-44 grains of H4895 with a Hornady case (slightly less capacity that Win, I believe), and the Hodgdon site shows 43-46 grains of H4895 with a Win case. I’m starting at 40 and working up, in .5 grain increments, to 44 grains of H4895. I plan on firing these over the chrony, and I’ll stop when I get to 2800 FPS or when I see pressure signs.

My question concerns seating depth. Can I seat the 2 longer bullets at 2.800, and seat the shorter bullet to 2.750? This will give seating depths of .385”, .405”, and .485” (length of bullet base inside the case). I realize I may end up with a different load for each bullet.

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