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For big long cases our testing is showing that the 416 is

easier to get powders to work with, with less problems ..

So if you got to buy new barrel, build a target gun,

don't have 375 barrel all ready, maybe go 416....

We got cases, 416 HE and 416 HSM, as well as 375...

CEB and others will have bullets...

CEB LAZER in .408Cal and .416Cal!

.408 in 425gr, 450gr and 475gr

.416 will be 450gr, 475gr, 500gr, 525gr and 550gr

They will be testing around mid-February..

My bigger diameter, 34" long 416 test barrel, was 250 bucks,

1-10 twist, 1- 5/8 inch diameter, work for bullets,

up to 425-450gr or so..;Ed..
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