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My new CZ Kadet 22 conversion kit

Picked up the above for my 75B SA this past weekend. Got it home , cleaned it , lubed it & installed it. I did not have to make any modifications at all. Simply removed the 9mm slide & slid on the 22.

On to the range;

I had a 375 rd bulk box of CCI's to break it in with. Mags were a little stiff at first , but loosened up quite nicely by the end of the day.

It took less than a dozen rds to sight it in. I fired all 375 rds before I left the range.

The 22 kit was absolutely flawless, not one hiccup of any kind & all 375 rds of the CCI fired perfectly. You can imagine how light the recoil is. It's a joy to shoot.

Accuracy is typical CZ quality, simply outstanding. Sights are excellent, bright, adjustable & very easy to acquire the target. Firing 10 rapid shots while staying on target is incredibility easy.

The conversion kits quality of design , ease of installation & absolutely flawless operation put it well above my expectations.
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