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IMHO, unless you are headed to your daughter's wedding or hunting with charter memebrs of your local Quail Unlimited or Pheasants Forever chapter, leave the SxS at in the closet, Uncle Jesse.

As to the pumps being as fast as semis... I can't believe it. I used to be a Die-Hard pump gun guy. Even used them when I first started shooting sporting clays and 5-stand. I got a lot of compliments for the range officers and pullers, but there were some stations (particularly station 5 at Ozark Shooter's course in Branson Missouri)that just "could not" be shot effectively with a pump. Two clays shot full speed about 10 feet apart flying down a gorge and away from you. Two fast moving targets at different points of aim that need to be shot in under 2 seconds starting with the gun unmounted. That type of station convinced me to find a reliable semi. I could nail it 75% of the time with a semi or a O/U.

The fanning is great fun, but not of much use for accurate fire. Nothing like a class II M37 featherweight with the trigger held down and the pump slammin' from the hip. Clean a room, alley, vehicle pretty damn fast and effectively.

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