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I tested powders with 115 JHP, 124 FMJ FP, and 147 XTP. I worked up until the primer pierced, case blew, or the case was full of powder. I

Power Pistol
Blue Dot

I also have some data from LONG SHOT and AA#7.

What I now carry is Power Pistol and 124 gr.

The Alliant load is 125 gr FMJ 1.150" 6.6 gr, 1235 fps, 34,000 psi.

I found the primer will pierce at 11 gr.

The case only holds about 10~10.6 gr.

For the experement, I came up with double compression: a second press with a bullet puller loaded with a 9mm bullet is seated on a full case. The bullet is then pulled and the powder in the case is then compressed. More powder can then be added and the real bullet seated on another press.

With 10.5 gr the primer is ok down to 1.00" OAL.

This means that Power Pistol is not only the fastest tested, but has a very large safety margin in powder and over all length.

On the down side is the flash and report. Power Pistol is easily the loudest powder tested. The flash I have not tried at night, but if it is that bright during the day, it will be bright.

Other good loads were 3N37 and 147 gr as well as AA#5 and 115 gr. These loads had no where near the safety margin and kaboomed about .7 gr above where the case started bulging and RP primers pierced.
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