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Posts: 1,584 just can't excuse an officer for being rude or going beyond the bounds of normal police work by saying he might have been having a bad day. They are hired to do a job and the state of their liver should not enter into their performance. Police regularly overstep their bounds anymore as they do unnessary...and illegal searches... of people, and expect people to obey them as they would the word of god.
There is a situation anymore where the police basically do anything they want to meet their agenda and let the city paid attorneys sort it out. The poor citizen is left to hire their own attorney and go bankruptcy trying to defend themselves. There has been a barrage of lawsuits against city officers the past 20 yrs. or so...and some, though admittably not all of it, is justified.
Police work is a tough demanding job, but if a person can't handle the stress of it, they should be doing something else.
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