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Re: DUI checkpoints: another example of how they can be abused

What most of you do not realize is that when a peace officer gives you a lawful order like roll your window down more you have to. The kid thinks he knows the law and got himself in trouble. I have delt with this being a police officer myself. Also there is no command for giving a "false alert" for a dog. I worked a lot hand in hand with my departments k9's, yes sometimes dogs do hit on cars that Dont have anything in them, usually there has been something in there. Just because he says he's had nothing in it, he does not know what his friends have brought in it. I have also had dogs hit on brand new cars that roll right off the show room. They are trained on orders and some drugs like meth and cocaine they use everyday cleaner products that we all have under our sinks and in our garages and cars. Yes the officer had a attitude but he's probably been dealing with people like this kid all night and is fed up with it, you forget they are human too and they have seen and dealt with things that you would never want to see or deal with or he just came from a accident where someone died because of a drunk.
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