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The "303 - P -ENGLAND".. the P will be a miss struck B for "British" the calibre is .303British, and country of origin "England" which are some of the requirements for import marks. After a certain date (which I cannot recall, so won't guess) they had to have the name of the importing company as well, so if there is no importer marking, it has been in the US for quite a while.

As far as the S under the wrist of the butt goes, I don't have a book that says it doesn't appear on No1 butts that saw service in India, but I cannot recall seeing one marked such. As 5THBATT rightly said, there are lots of S marks... maybe it's time to step up from the beginners forums and get among the big boys, they don't bite. Some of the boards out there have developed very little in the way of their knowledge base for a long time. The two Mr BATT mentioned are the home of the keenest researchers and collectors out there who are only too happy to share their knowledge.
Don't be afraid to buy books either, and then read them, twice. Once again there are authors to avoid, but anything from Ian Skennerton will give you the right info. (He drops in over at too)
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