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The real puzzle seems to be how the No4 Mk1* was done since it's not like others I've seen. Usually with a Savage, there is the square S before that line
Not always. Here's my '42 Savage No4 Mk1*.
The data is in 2 different places as you can see, some on the receiver left sidewall, & some on the wrist left hand side. The "square S" is only on the wrist, not the receiver left sidewall.
I'm guessing either the RFI, or CAI re-stamped a normal Savage No4 Mk1* after it was scrubbed of original markings. Looking at the earlier pics I think you can see where the scrub was done on the sidewall. Compare the "lip" about 1/3 rd of the way back on his receiver & mine. It looks shallower on the RFI rifle.
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