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Originally Posted by targetgeek
Thanks for the replies. The bolt is removed with the notch as with the * models. It has neither the Longbranch or US markings. The serial number is on the right side of receiver 00180.
The "No4 MkI*" on the left side appears unmolested. Long Branch No4's would normally have "LONG BRANCH" just below the No4 MKI* marking. Some have the year under the Long Branch. I don't think this rifle is a LB

The Savage could have just a "No4 MkI*" on the left side. The US PROPERTY mark is on the top left side of the receiver and very easily removed. It's possible this rifle was/is a Savage with the serial number scrubbed from the left side of the wrist and the US Property mark milled off.

I've seen three or four RFI FR's, as I recall a lot of scrubbing of original markings.

I would completely disassemble this and photograph all parts that have any kind of marking. Some of the RFI work is very well done. I saw a No5 carbine that was a RFI FR and it was near presentation grade. Clearly made for someone of importance.

Originally Posted by 5THBATT
The S on the butt means different things dependent on the location, in this case it means that a spring washer is attached to the buttstock bolt, when the S is stamped on the heel of the butt then it means short length butt.
Interesting. Any documentation for this? A link to a web site? I have never heard of this before. It does seem possible, but why would they want to know if it has a split lock or a spring washer.
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