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Nice shotgun. A couple things....

When I bought one of the 20 gauge YE 870s for the kids early in the 90s, I got the 21" field barrel with rib and Remchokes and bought a second barrel. That was a 20" IC choke barrel with open sights.

Despite the pad, recoil with slugs was bad. Even 7/8 oz field loads rocked me, and I'm fairly sure I know how to hold a shotgun.

The shorter LOP means a smaller pad,less surface area to spread out the energy. And the thing weighs just over 6 lbs.

Light loads and a PAST pad helped get the kids through the basics. They've moved on, and a longer stock on the YE means it's now my quail gun.

Well, one of em anyway.

It's a fine little shotgun,I even Brenekke'd some venison with it.

When you start your kids off, do so with the lightest loads you can find.

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