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Pics of the new 870 20 ga.

This thread has veered into more of a discussion of Gander Mountain than the gun I found there .

So here is the gun:

Very few marks on the stock, hardly any marks on the metal, and very little wear on the action bars and mag tube. This gun has hardly been used at all. As you can see it's got a 3" fully rifled barrel which'll be perfect for short range deer work when my daughter is ready for it in a couple years. Until then I need to get a bead sight VR barrel and get her working on the fundamentals of shotgunnery with some light loads. Got an ad up in the want to buy section for an 18-21" VR Rem Choke barrel if anyone's got one laying around collecting dust. Otherwise I'll order one from Midway in a few days. Their 18.5" Remchoke is 148.00. I think that'll do nicely for her until she gets a little stronger and we'll move up to the 26 or 28".
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