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We have a fairly new GM in Ocala, and a friend buys and sells several guns there every month.
On the buying end of it, I have found a few good deals on used handguns there. I grabbed a (LNIB) SIG P229 for $550. It was listed at $599 and $550 was offered too me.

However, if he's selling them there. He's catching the very raw end of the stick. Gander uses a national pricing guide on all of their used weapons for purchases or trades. It's all listed by percentages of the weapons. Your better off just sitting on them than taking that big a hit on a weapon. If he's getting anything better than that, he knows someone responsible for the firearms. And they probably won't have a job much longer. Because at the rate he's using them, its bound to be noticed.

Forgot to add, my brother is a local Gander Manager. And his prices suck just as bad as the next Gander.
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