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Hey Mike good info to put out there. I've heard of the Bushing and ran across
somebody up on CAS I think doing a bushing, and also a Rem mainspring replacement with either an ROA or one simular to it coil spring conversion. I'll try to find it to show you.
I probly won't do the bushing thing as it would be against my Tradisionalist Rev grains Besides that I shoot my Rems or Colts all day with out cleanin' um and they don't freeze up. PM me if you wanna know more, you seem ok or I wouldn't tell ya ta hit my door knocker. It's called Lube Pills a friend of mine's Wife Junkyard Dog sells um. Contact Rifle on this site.
I make my own recipe as I said he's a good friend of mine and we compare notes. They keep the, fouling soft, barrel cleaner, cylinder turnin', seals chambers, increase accuracy, cleanup is easier. Goes on top of BP ball goes on top of Lube Pill.
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