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Remington new model Army hammer problem.

I have a Remington NMA which has a problem with the hammer and nipples. The nipples are being damaged by the hammer as it has too much travel. These are very short nipples so there is not an option of just chaning them out. Also the hammer shows impact damage. This pistol has been completely defarbed, and someone spent a great deal of money to have it done. Steel frame, blue is a deep and dark color with a mirror polish. Cylinder lock up excellent, and trigger is very smooth with just a minor amount of creep. Accuracy is at least as good as my either of my Uberti Remingtons. I know it is not of Uberti manufacture, also not Pietta. I do think it is an ASM and the only reason I have to belive that is the s/n numbers appear the same as other ASM revolvers. My thought is to measure from the forward end of the frame to the back of the hammer when down and cylinder in place. Then remove the cylinder and repeat. The difference should give me the excess forward travel. I can then file the hammer a little at a time to get this number within a couple thousands. Does this sound like a correct procedure to fix the problem.
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