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No they are not Beretta's but as "Roger Pace" say's Similar. No the gun does not have "Ejectors" Trigger not as smooth etc. . Wood is very nice Turkish Walnut.
I wonder if the negative reviews here are actual owners. I have not owned one of the Skeet guns but the OU's outback with 20" barrel is definitely NOT hard to handle. On the contrary. As I said the reviews of the owners of these guns have all been positive. You might want to actually get your hands on one and shoot it before listening to internet bashing like so many other guns.
I do have other shot guns for different applications although I have not shot a Beretta Ou's since my Dad had one. That gun was problematic for him and he got rid of it.
I do not obviously live in the same world as some of the posters here, but have not seen any higher end OU's used for around $400.00. My God, it is hard enough to get Shells especially buckshot. Fortunately I stocked up for years. And have a few friends at the club that reload and have been for years.

Here is a good video with Roger Pace on the Outback 20". As I said mine is totally reliable and easy to shoot. I can only speak for myself a actual owner with a lot of experience with the gun.
You do not mention what you will be using the gun for. No I would not buy the gun for Skeet shooting or competition. . Never said that.vIf you are going to do that then YES spend $2500 at least or more and do not settle for less and I am sure it would be worth the money. I would do the same. But since I am only shooting a few thousand rounds a year with the Stoeger and only for deer and Turkey the 20" is a great gun for the cost. If he gets banged up or takes a dive in the Dink, no big deal. I refuse to take a high end gun in the Places I go. Lol, a $5,000 gun going into the swamp? Sorry, not me.
However another gun I find easy to carry and a all around gun is the Bellini Ultra light. Love that gun and one of my favorites. Actually gave mine to my son, and later bought another one. There are other nicer Semi's but at around $1500 is really not a bad price for the quality you get.

Note, as Roger say's "has been very reliable." You might take his word for it over some internet posters.

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