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Funny thing is they point very much like a Glock,
This statement bothers me...because of its subject order. Not because those two pistols point very much the same in your hands, but because of the way you describe it.

Its just a grammar thing no big deal but the established use is to compare the newer to the older, not the older to the newer.

as they had already determined that .45 ACP didn't meet their needs because it didn't penetrate barriers as well as they wanted it to, hence why it wasn't adopted in the first place.
that's what it looked like, but that's not entirely accurate. The FBI had already "adopted" the .45 ACP decades before. Also the .357 /.38Spl +p (FBI load).

Now, these were replaced as the service pistol standard with the 9mm, but in the time between when the oceans drank Atlantis (9mm "failure) and the rise of the sons of Aryas (10mmLite/.40S&W) the FBI DID reauthorize agents to use both the .357 and the .45acp if they chose to.

The .45acp was authorized, it just didn't get chosen to be the new standard. I think this was a bureaucratic matter more than a cartridge performance matter. Going "backwards" to the .45acp as the standard round would have given the impression that those in charge had made another mistake, and they couldn't have that.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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