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Buy once, cry once.

The standards are the Beretta 686 or Browning Citori. Buy a used one for $1200 now, use it with some respect for ten years then sell it for more than you paid for it. Enjoy an outstanding shotgun the whole time.

Buy a cheaper shotgun now for $800 now, sell it for $300 later. Maybe it works for you, maybe you like sending shotguns to the gunsmith.

But a used cheaper shotgun now for $400, hope the guy that paid $800 for it a couple years ago doesn’t know something you don’t.

If buying a lowest tier over and under, my first consideration would be ease and reputation of real world warranty service. If I had to throw the dice, CZ has a great reputation for service. Lots of people online are giving good reviews of CZ USA service. People don’t talk about Beretta’s great service on the 686 because they are not needing to send them back.
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