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Sharps 1874 vs....

I blame it on Hickok45. A couple years back, he did a video on the 4 vintage American single shot breachloaders: Trapdoor Springfield, Remington Rolling Block, Winchester 1885, and the Sharps. He had a beautiful Lyman branded 1874 replica. Now, I have an original Trapdoor, a Rolling Block built on an original Remington action, and as of today a Uberti built replica of the 1885. A Sharps would complete the set, but a decent replica goes for more than twice the total of the first 3 (OK, the Trapdoor was a gift) and a really nice original sold recently on Gunbroker for twice that. So, a lot of money, at least for me.

I don't doubt for a second the elegance and history attached to the Sharps, but how does it compare to the others from a practical shooters perspective? (I'll probably have to get one regardless.) And, which replica is the best in your opinion?
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