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Ohio…Montana….Utah…Indiana… Updates

Ohio – In early to mid April Ohio’s Stand Your Ground Law will go into effect. They already had a law but it only covered your home and auto. The law will read you have no duty to retreat in a place you can legally be. The exact date is the 91st day after the bill if filed by the Sec. of State which to our knowledge hasn’t been filed yet. The Governor signed it the 4th of Jan. but the Sec has not filed it yet and it will be some days before that happens.

Montana – HB102 was just introduced and the legislature has passed Permitless Carry in the past only to be vetoed by the Governor. The new Governor has stated he is for Permitless Carry. If you want in my opinion to read a model Permitless Carry Law that removes just about all places off limits and allows campus carry with no restrictions then you need to read the one just introduced in Montana.

Utah also it is talking Permitless Carry and it is not certain but there is a good chance for both states to join all the others and go Permitless Carry. Both will still issue permits to carry for Reciprocity with other states. Do be aware that all states Permitless Carry laws are not equal. Some states have laws that apply differently to those carrying with a Permit than under their Permitless Carry laws.
Utah Permitless Carry Bill

Indiana – Has also had a bill put in for Permitless Carry, HB 1369. No information is available on this bill at this time. I just heard about this bill today. I usually don’t post about bills that have just been filed but three states with having bills in and hearing Montana and Utah have a very good chance of adopting Permitless Carry this year. Time will tell! – The first of the year we updated the site after verifying every quoted Statute/Admin Rule on the site and that it was the latest version of that Law/Rule. Almost all the quoted States/Rules have something like “Acts 2009, No. 748, § 43; 2013, No. 1089, § 1” or similar at the end of that quoted Statute/Rule. I had over the years had 50 to 60% of them already noted but finally got around to getting them all. This shows the last change in the wording of that Law and makes it easy to see that it is up to date when looking at a states online statutes. Some Statute sources don’t list the changes so we have added a second link to Statutes/Admin Rules to some state pages especially those using Nexis.
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