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Steel Challenge Gun Back From Volquartsen

Shot it today: 400 rounds of Federal 36 grain hollow points. No failures and surprisingly accurate out to 25 yards...that's the farthest target at our indoor range.

Off hand on a Shoot & See 6 inch target I kept all rounds inside the center ring. Not bad for me. I just look for minute of plate on Steel Challenge targets and not MOA.

This pistol shoots very well. I'm glad I opted for Volquartsen to put a new barrel on the upper. They said it would benefit since mine was so dirty and worn out... Only 75 thousand rounds out of it, mostly CCI Blazer. I've been remiss at cleaning the barrel although I do clean the frame after every session. Now I know enough to take a brush and patches to the barrel to extend it's life.

I now have a C-More 12 MOA Railway Dot on it but here it is with my Vortex Venom.

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