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Anybody Else Like Elk Stag Grips?

This is my first COVID-era gun-related purchase in over 8 weeks...
That's the longest "dry spell" of not buying any gun accessories or ammo since I was a teenager...
And that was a loooooooooong time ago...

But I think I made up for the wait in style.

Anyway, I do like Elk Stag grips, and this set called out to me:

I think they look really sharp on my Ruger Old Army. Now I can't wait to get it over to the range and have other shooters oogle over them -- from 6 feet away, of course.

This Old Army was heavily modified many years ago with:
* A handmade partridge front sight
* A Millet full-blade rear sight
* A Smooth trigger blade (filed away the grooves)
* A trigger stop added (between trigger plunger & spring)
* A 5/16" rammer extension (for target loads)
* Treso Ampco Bronze nipples
* An action job with 3# trigger pull

The grips are the latest addition, and the only change I can think of now is to shoot it MORE!

Tight groups.

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