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Rambling antidotes

"For deafness and slow hearing: The juyce of Radishes, fat of a mole, eele, or serpent, juyce of an Onyon soaked in Sperrit of Wine and roasted, essences of a mans or Bullocks gall, are all very excellent. In difficulty of hearing, distilled Boyes Urine is good; but better is the Oyl of Carawayes" - Compendium of Physick (Salmon), London, 1671

"Falling-Sickness. In Children. Ashes of the dung of black Cow given to new born Infant, doth not only preserve from the Epilepsia, but also cure it. In those of ripe Age. The lives of 40 water-Frogs brought into a powder, and given at five times (in Spirit of Rosemary or Lavender) morning and evening, will cure, the sick not eating nor drinking two hours before nor after it." (same Compendium of Physick)

"Cow's Dung. This seems to be of a hot penetrating Nature; and is experienc'd to do good in Erysipelous Swellings. This Cataplasm is also highly commended by some in the Gout. Pigeon's Dung is sometimes ordered in Cataplasms, to be applied to the soles of the Feet in malignant Fevers and Deliriums. Hog's Dung. Is also used by Country People to stop Bleeding at the Nose; by being externally applied cold to the Nostrils." English Dispensatory (Quincy), London, 1742.

Earth Worms. These are often used in Compositions for cooling and Cleansing the Viscera. They are good in Inflammations and Tubercles of the Lungs and in Affections of the Reins and Urinary Passages. Syrup of Snails. Take Garden-snails early in the morning, while the dew is upon them, a pound; take off their shells, slit them, and with a half of pound of fine Sugar put into a Bag hang them in a Cellar, and the Syrup will melt, and drop through, which Keep for Use. This is not kept in the shop, but is worth making for young Children inclining to Hectics and Consumptions... English Dispensatory (Quincy), London, 1742.

Makes you grateful for modern medicine, doesn't it? BTW, sugar was very expensive and to use a half of pound is a substantial amount in those days.
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