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What kind of gear do I need for these defensive pistol courses?
Handgun, 9mm or larger, safe holster, some magazines (how many depends on which organization and/or which division within that organization). A "safe" holster will cover the trigger guard when holstered. Generally cross-draw and shoulder rigs not allowed. Also a way to carry magazines on your belt; you can stuff them in your pockets but that gets old fast.

Karl's list is good. There is also Texas Ranges with Practical Pistol Matches.

How many rounds are typically fired during these events (trying to not break the bank).
Varies. Approx 100-120 for IDPA, 120-150 for USPSA (which is the US branch of IPSC).

I like the idea of the 3 gun competition but that would require buying a long range rifle it looks like.
A long range rifle is not required. While pistol-caliber carbines are at a disadvantage, any AR15 will do to start, even a mini-14 or AK.

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