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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
If someone is intent on doing you harm do you think the door is really going to stop them? Even reinforced doorways with extended throw bolts are only going to slow someone competent with intent to come through. Yes I get that some home invasions the victim has opened the door but it’s not a prerequisite. Taking refuge in your fortress does not spare you the evil intent. It may end with the needy calling down curses upon you and others adjusting their opinion of you. You cannot have perfect personal safety. Are you willing to give up politeness and goodness to those in need seeking what you will not find anyways
If we want to entertain the hypothetical of someone could always get in, sure. We can go as crazy as to imagine someone battering down my door, blowing it open with a breaching charge, or rappelling through my windows. A door provides more security than no door, and it also further reinforces the notion that trespassers aren't allowed. I don't consider my home a "fortress".

As for people calling down curses and adjusting their opinions of me, I guess I don't consider telling a late night visitor that you don't feel like talking or, as mentioned above, ignoring an uninvited guest "giving up politeness and goodness".

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