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If this incident upset/concerned you then you might want to reconsider some of your standard operating procedures. It does seem odd to me to post this and then say you did everything right in retrospect. I feel like part of this thread is inviting input on what happened.
No, it didn't upset me. Raised a few moments of concern.

I'm not really looking for any input, the only thing that I could have done differently was turn the guy away at the door because it was dark outside. I had plenty of experience with him to feel safe letting him in. Nothing unusual about that.

Did anyone else take anything away from this other than I shouldn't have opened my door? That's entirely not the point, as I said.

The rules don't always work. there are occasionally unexpected changes in the rules. We always assume that even our friends and family are safe, and a few minutes on the news will turn up plenty of incidents of friends and family hurting each other.
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