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bdb benzino wrote:
Next time I go ammo shopping I will keep in mind to test out some of the bigger bullets.
Do you guys have any favorite HP's for 38+P???
The best one I tested (in .357) was the Federal 158gr JHP Classic "Hi-Shok" (NOT "Hydra-Shok"). I just got a shipment of them (after waiting about 6 months!), and they have changed the nomenclature a bit...they no longer call them "Hi-Shok", but rather "Personal Defense". But the manufacturer's number is the same: Federal C357E. They LOOK identical to the old ones, except the hollow-point cavity is a little different. I've emailed Federal for an explanation of that change, but haven't gotten a response.

The Hi-Shok's appeared to have an EXTREMELY fast powder...perfect for a snubby. The ballistics and expansion (in wet newspaper) were better than anything else I tested, and there was no "bullet-pull".

Beware that some 180gr .357 cartridges may be optimized for rifles, with slow-burning powder.
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