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My opinion is there is demand for a fun auto round (57).

Forums have largely overstated the cost of 57. Every time it comes up someone says it cost a lot. Before this year, American Eagle 5.7 wasn't widely lower or higher at a given time than American Eagle 45.

I think 357 has a following still because it is range fun. HST/Gold Dots make 9mm as good with much lower velocity. 57 might be range fun for some...but I have a factory made 20rnd 9mm magazine from Walther that fits a P99/PPQ M1 that has been available for 20 years and only adds an inch to the P99/PPQ compact(ish) 4" barrel frame.

I think capacity for the 57 is overstated.

7.62 brings the loud bang to the auto party. I think that might be what some want to play with without a punishing snap.
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