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No and they never will, even their clones of Kel Tec pistols are heavier than the Kel Tecs, but what Ruger does is take what Kel Tec does and improves its function. The LC9s and LCPII have a far better triggers or sights than their KT counterparts and that's largely the selling point.

I am a bit surprised that Ruger hasn't made a run at their own PMR30 or CP33 yet, they apparently decided that 5.7 was a better choice to make a pistol with a 30 rd capacity for and they may be right. I doubt a $600 gun in an offbeat caliber like 5.7 is going to sell as well as a $350 gun in .22 Mag will, regardless of it's ballistics or performance. Ignorant newbie gun owner walks in wants a high capacity pistol with low recoil and looks at the PMR and the Ruger 57, looks at the cost of the gun and the ammo and walks out with the PMR30.
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