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I use the same technique of starting new shooters at shorter distances and then increasing the distance as their skill improves.

I agree that a handgun isn't any less accurate than a longarm. It is unsupported (unless there's a brace) and more difficult to hold steady. Longarms with iron sights have longer sight radius which allows the user to have more precise shot placement.

Some things I suggested to challenged shooters.

With the revolver loaded with snapcaps, put a coin on the barrel (must have sight rib) and while holding the gun on a target, squeeze the trigger in the double action mode. The coin should stay on the barrel even after the hammer drops.

Put a rubber tipped erases and a pencil down the barrel. Same drill but you'll catch yourself flinching.

Ball & dummy (range exercise).

If you can master a DA revolver, you can shoot most handguns. With a semi, practice a lot with the long DA trigger. So, decock after every shot.
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