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Best verbal instruction I ever got...anywhere

Over 30 years ago, when I got my first handguns, permit, etc. One of my first purchases were a couple of S & W revolvers, model 66. One 4" bbl. and one with a 6" bbl. -- Both were in like new, excellent condition. Sadly, and much to my frustration - my first few trips to the range with them were very disappointing, - my groups looked like I was patterning some #4 buck shot at 25 yards thru an open choked barrel. (we are talking shooting at 50' range here)
A call to my brother-in-law, an Army Ranger, assigned to a spec-ops unit, who was also a small arms instructor. His advice: - "You know the basics - handguns are not less accurate than long guns, - they're just more difficult to shoot at distances." - He said - "Start shooting at 7 foot distance, - when you're shooting one raggedy hole - move to 10 feet, - when you got one raggedy hole at 10 feet - move up to twelve feet, etc. increasing your distance while striving for that 'one hole' group. -- move your target 3 feet or so, every time you get that 1 hole group." -- Within a week and a half - one hole groups (in the X-ring) were the norm with those two revolvers. Moral of the story - learn your basics of pistolcraft - and PRACTICE!
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