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I am a long time Contender shooter in a variety of calibers. There are lots of great choices, but if you want to use the gun for "fun shooting", calibers with less recoil have a big advantage.

The 357 max in a 10" sounds great. I got one of these after shooting the Max in a revolver for many years. In my Dan Wesson I can shoot the Max all day long. With the TC, my wrist is hurting after a hand full of full power loads. I am more recoil tolerant than most shooters, but this one in a 10" Contender is over the top for me. Also, do not get a Max barrel and thinking you will just use Mags & Specials. Most TC Max barrels do not do near as well with anything other than Max brass.

The 30 Herrett performs great (I have a 10" and 14"), but 30-30 brass is no where as easy to source as some other choices. My 14" 30-30 is ok, but not as good as the 14" Herrett. I really do not recommend a 30-30 in a 10". At full power, the 30 Herrett and 30-30 are both a bit much for fun or target shooting. I have shot a bunch a reduced loads in the 30 Herrett, but other choices are better for volume shooting.

A straight 357 mag is real good for "fun shooting" with adequate power for typical handgun hunting needs. If you are set up to reload 357, plan on getting a 357 mag barrel even if you also want something with a longer effective range. I have probably used a 357 mag barrel more than any other for fun/target shooting.

My new favorite is a 10" 7 TCU that is working well with a 132 gr bullet that I cast. The 10" 7 TCU is about as good as you can get for performance while retaining the ability to shoot a full power rounds more or less comfortably. I found the lack of a rim to be less of an issue than I expected, and making brass from the most plentiful range pickup caliber out there (223) is a piece of cake. In addition to my 1800 fps full power load, I found that 8.8 gr of Titegroup gives ~1450 fps and make a dandy medium heavy target load. I have already started loading this one in large batches and incorporated it into my regular practice shooting rotation.
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