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1. Just say “no” to .357 Maximum. The recoil and blast are oppressive. Hot .357 Magnum is more than enough. If you want to make your Contender a nice Carbine, .35 Remington would do the same job with less stress.

2. Just say “no” to .454 Casull. You need all the weight you can get to help tame recoil. 45 Colt “Ruger and Contender only” loads will get all you need with less stress and no need for an Encore.

3. If you want a big boomer, 45-70 just because.

I think I would really like a .327 Fed Mag barrel... from plinking to white tail, at realistic ranges .. yeah. .32-20 “Contender only” would be a question of how much cooler do you want to be than your pals.

Realistically, a .357 magnum barrel is awesomely flexible and common.
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