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Originally Posted by pete2 View Post
I don't give donations to any democrat, won't vote for one. Don't sleep with the enemy.
I agree. I dont knowingly talk to Democrats. Its truly bad that when you boil it all down, I have more in common with the Taliban than I do with Democrats.
I have to talk to a Democrat, I'm married to her
But at least she has come around to my way of thinking about gun rights.

And as far as helping a person who doesn't fully agree with your position on gun rights/gun control.....well, it's your right to help or not help. But isn't it kind of being a jerk to withhold your help (if it's not something like driving them to an anti-gun rally, of course)?

And if you won't help them, do you really think they are going to do you the courtesy of listening to your views on gun rights? If you help them, and they become a friend (or at least a friendly acquaintance), they might be more receptive to hearing your views, and you might even be able to change their mind. If, however, you treat them with hostility or callousness, they will close off, and you'll never get them to listen.
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