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Originally Posted by Buck460
Much of the recent worry of gun control is, IMHO, the lack of trust within our political system. History has shown us that it is not just the Democrats we can't trust. Still we trust in the 2nd, so why can't we trust in the government that is governed by the same piece of paper? Why will one survive when the all the rest won't?
Because we aren't governed by the piece of paper, and the text matters as much as we make it matter. I like to make the text matter a lot because the alternative is making peoples' desires and opinions of the day matter more, and that's typically a bad idea.

Trust in a system that ultimately threatens force against you is something I find perverse. Affirmatively distrusting those who would ask for greater trust and vest additional power in that system seems prudent.

Seeking greater than current restriction on possession of arms reduces the scope of the right, and increases government power over exercise of the right. I would not be inclined to assist another gun owner in increasing that power because the act itself seems imprudent.

Originally Posted by stinkypete
We all obey the National Firearms Act of 1934 by the bylaws of this forum, so "gun control" is simply a matter of grey... not black and white.
Advocating for additional restriction is a matter of making the grey darker. That an individual agrees that he will observe a law is not a comment on the wisdom of that law, and shouldn't suggest that a principled opposition to additional restrictions is arbitrary.
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