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Originally Posted by buck460XVR
Much of the recent worry of gun control is, IMHO, the lack of trust within our political system.
I accept this. Remember that the original Militia Acts of 1792 provided that all able-bodied white males between the ages of 18 and 45 were to be enrolled in the militia, and the local militia captain was to keep a record of all the members of his company. Under the Militia Acts of 1792, each militia member was responsible for providing his own firearm and the first, basic load-out of 20 rounds of ball. Consequently, at the end of the 18th century the "authorities" knew and had a record of who owned the "assault weapons" of that day.

Although I am over the age of 45, if I were assured that my local police department wanted to keep a record of everyone who owns an AR-15 rifle so they would know who they can call on for back-up in the event of a serious "incident," I would not object. However, since I'm quite certain the local cop shop is NOT going to call on citizens for support under any foreseeable circumstances, any registration they might conduct of "assault weapons" is most likely going to be for the purpose of potential confiscation. And I am opposed to any such registration on that basis.
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