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Originally Posted by Doc Holliday 1950 View Post
If I could trust any of our representatives in government, I'd support stricter gun control.
Being a part of this Forum, I have found that most of us are realistic gun owners who are well versed in who,when & why to carry. For those of us in this category I fully support your right to own & carry. But because of the huge political differences on what's what, the wrong people have access to weapons that they should not have. If anyone can come up with a better way to keep us safe from the maniacs & felons please tell me/us how to do so.
The wrong people will have access to weapons long after the government takes your's! For myself, I don't worry about them as that a waste of time. Best way to keep yourself safe from felons and maniacs is to carry your own weapon and use it better than the bad guy!
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